The eco-responsible luxury

Convinced that the necessary change in our lifestyle is not a constraint but a new opportunity, we wanted to develop a concept of accommodation that reconciles all the services of a luxury establishment with a minimal ecological footprint.
New technologies and a strong conviction have allowed us to move in this direction.

Bien Loin d’Ici is a manifesto of tomorrow’s ecology that invites you to live an enriching and, we hope, inspiring experience for your personal projects.

You will live in a “passive and bioclimatic house” with wood structure, the world’s first realization of the concept ( French-Tech labellized ) for a private home.

Your electricity consumption will be supplied more than 60% by solar energy. Bien Loin d’Ici has installed 30 photovoltaic last generation panels  ( 9Kw production ) and a FREE Electric Vehicle Charging Station. 2019 Production : 12 MWh

Your heat and cold needs are exclusively produced by air-air and air-water heat pumps.

Your artificial light sources are 99% LED.

Wastewater treatment is entirely natural, thanks to the phytoepuration process (plant treatment).

Waste treatment involves selective sorting and composting.

All building materials came from the area, everything has been sourced locally.

Still and sparkling waters in your minibar come from filtration, remineralization and possibly gasification of tap water.

Toiletries and cleaning products are biodegradable (organic shower gels, white vinegar).

More than 90% of food products composing breakfasts and snacks are organic and/or homemade

“Dry” garden of endemic and adapted plants. No use of pesticides. Minimum irrigation.

All the performances of a 5 stars hotel, without any concession to luxury and well-being!

And it’s not over! We will continue to experiment and apply new ideas. And why not yours?

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